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Hi! Allie's Adventures Book Series' author here, and everyone has been asking me what these stories are all about. It was suggested that I share a little from each book in the series giving a better idea of what to expect before reading, enjoying, gifting... each book!

"The Little Apple" is the first book. Allie doesn't even have a name yet. She's described as a child living on an apple farm. Her first story begins "I live on a farm, right next to apple trees, called The Little Apple. I live in New York, right next to New York City, called The Big Apple."

This is a short book, and it's fully illustrated by Susi Galloway. The reading level is for non-readers to early readers. Something unique about this book is that instead of numeric page numbers, images of apples are used instead! In addition, there are recipes provided at the end of the book, of all the books!

Happy reading and gifting!

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