About Deb

Deborah Smith Ford here, and I'm happy to present my children's book series called "Allie's Adventures."


This series currently contains two books, one CD and one DVD. The first book is called "The Little Apple" (for ages 1-8, although babies like it too, as it contains full page illustrations by Susi Galloway Newell). This book is about a life on a farm, one with only apples and a lot of FUN!


The second book is called "The Little Goat in Africa," and is a 20 chapter book geared more for the "older" young reader, ages 9-12. This story finds Allie traveling to Kenya, Africa and making new friends!


Ford's background includes training as an elementary school teacher (a B.S. degree), graduate studies in communications and acting, and she has been, and continues to be a part of the world of entertainment!


A new book is in the works, and it will be enjoyed as seen through the eyes of a child. Allie discovers "all things" Hollywood!

Come join Allie on her adventures as she travels around the world making new friends - some are human, some are not!