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Updated: Jan 11, 2023

The United Film & Television Artists is a nonprofit entertainment group in SW Florida. It is in its 2nd decade of existence and has had, and continues to have, a large following.

What does Allie have to do with UFTA? Allie's author has been a member since the very beginning and has held positions not only as a general member but has been a founder, a board member, and an officer as well.

UFTA has found itself on some of Allie's fictious adventures. A few of them include the group's officers Dr. Joe Reyes, Becky Brown, Mario Maturo, Margaret Bishop and her sons, and Ernesto Lasso de la Vega.

UFTA's many members, guests and speakers include Rose LaRue, Keith Wallace, Alexa Baca, Jeff Frey, Cassidy Reyes, Christine Reyes, Curtis Collins, Richard Ramsey, Cindy, Hile, Erik Krefeld, Gari Lewis, Anna Honorata... (feel free to remind to be included)

"Allie's Adventures" may be a book series of fiction, but it offers real life as well. Part of that offering includes this wonderful entertainment group -

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Carl Fismer
Carl Fismer
11 gen 2023

Itis an Honor, and a Pleasure that Ms. Ford has included "Capt. Fizz". in Allie's life. Many Thanks, Capt. Carl Fismer "Fizz"

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