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Greetings! The author has requested that I share some history about each book in its series and "read" to you, in her written words that is, beginning with her first book The Little Apple. The book was published in 2009, and the age range is for non to early readers.

The short story springs from decades ago when Ford lived on a farm. She was inspired by "her" apple farm after growing up on it in her early years. She later visited other family members' multiple farms that were, and some still are, located in Upstate New York. These experiences brought forth The Little Apple.

This book has full page illustrations by Susi Galloway, and there are recipes in the back. Apples, of course, are the main ingredient in these recipes!

Page 1:

I live on a farm, right next to apple trees, called The Little Apple.

I live in New York, right next to New York City, called The Big Apple.

I live in America.

I live on planet Earth.

I love New York, America and planet Earth.

New York, America and planet Earth are big.

The Little Apple is the biggest of all.

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