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The summer has been a busy time for this author. I've visited family, and family visited us in celebrating my July birthday. What a fun time!

Soon after, interviews were obtained by phone and emails. That way I could be featured in multiple media from home. I've been prepping for another interview with a very special magazine that will be published in August. Its name will be revealed after my story, among others', is published.

Interviews of me are usually on my acting and writing, but lately it's been about what I do in the world of paying tribute to celebrities. A new magazine, new to me, is called "Pho-Mo." I'm in its June 2022 issue. Only my name made the cover, but inside sprang a bio and photo spread. Many photographers have photographed me as a lookalike to Trinity from the Matrix films, but only three are used in "Pho-Mo." The photographers are Israel David Groveman, Gareth Rockliffe and Erik Krefeld.

The latest magazine will again feature me as Trinity zeroing in on my experiences of being a tribute artist. There is much to be shared in the world of impersonators/lookalikes/tributes, and that is what I did, SHARED!

Previously I was asked to be part of the book called "Daily Doubles-Celebrity Impersonators" by C.J. Morgan and Jack Bullard. Photos and my bio are in the book along with many other talented tributes. This is the book's 2nd edition, and it will be available soon.

The new book's title changes by one numeral: "Daily Doubles 2-Celebrity Impersonators." What I'm extra happy about is that this book and the two magazines will be in print!

So there you have it for the months of June, July and August!

"Trinity with Niobe" on stage in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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