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Greetings! My family and I announced recently of my latest book winning four awards. The book is called "Allie's Movie Adventure," and now the wins are official! The Story Monsters Approved certificate and seal arrived, and here Phoebe and I are showing them off!

The latest book that won is about working on a movie set from a youngster's perspective in a fun and educational sort of way. The movie is actually real, and it will be released later this year. The film's title is "Love Song & Power" inspired by the book by Stevie Kinchen. The script is written by Erik Krefeld and stars Prana Songbird!

The four wins from Story Monsters Approved contest won in the categories of:

  • Middle Grade Fiction (ages 8-12)

  • Tween Novels Fiction (ages 10-14)

  • Young Adult Novels (ages 13+)

  • Photography

Here's myself, Phoebe, the award-winning book and certificate.

Thank you for everyone's support!

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