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It's true, every website needs to be updated, and that's just what has happened to this one!

Like everything in life, change is inevitable, and this website proves it. "Stagnant" is not a word to admire, especially in the area of authoring books, working in the world of entertainment or just plain living!

As a result, NEW AND IMPROVED comes to the attention of this site. It reflects additions in my writing and acting careers, and I'm proud of them. Trouble is, other than my latest and sixth book, I haven't been sharing those changes. NOW I am!

What's brand new on this site is a photo/musical video. There will be more to follow. An awards category has expanded on the home page, and the gallery will continue to change and grow as well. Feel free to give suggestions on more expansions.

My books can't grow if I, rather Allie, and our adventures don't grow too. See if you notice what's NEW. Again, positive suggestions are welcomed!

Singer and actor Prana Songbird is featured in Allie books:

"Growing Up Behind the Scenes" and "Allie's Movie Adventure"

Photo: Erik Krefeld

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