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Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Hey everyone! Another film festival is on the way. This time it's The 2023

Bonita Springs Film Festival held in Bonita Springs, Florida on Thursday,

April 20th led by Antonio Correia. The theme for this year is "GOOD DEEDS."

Author Deborah Smith Ford has been involved, even if in a small way, with

one of the films - "That's What Friends Are For." It's written and directed by

Curtis Collins with cinematography by Ernesto Lasso de la Vega and

Stephan Schonberg. The principal cast includes Chloe Ermmarino, Becky Brown, Alexis Baca and Rose LaRue.

Each film entered and accepted has to abide by the festival's rules. Two of

those rules are following the theme plus shooting at least part of the film in Bonita Springs. Shoot locations can include the lovely Bonita Beach.

To learn more about the festival and how to get tickets go to the link above or here. Too, one can Google "all things Bonita Springs Film Festival."

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