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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Like with any book, film, etc. that your child may digest, make sure it's healthy

for them. With films, check the rating or see it yourself first!

Hard to believe that since 1999 we have had one trilogy of Matrix films, and like other films before and after Matrix (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Star Trek and others) new ones pop up influencing those of all ages, and children are among them. If you're not sure about that just ask the kids, ask Allie!

If you haven't noticed this website's homepage please do, and you'll see that this

author, Deborah Smith Ford, has been influenced by the Matrix films as well. Of course, Ford has been a lookalike to that of the Trinity character from Matrix for over a decade, so she should know!

Ford has attended many impersonator conventions and events. Two of the main ones she remains active with are Sunburst Convention of Celebrity Impersonators and The Reel Awards.

Lately this author has even been contacted to be in someone else's book that is all

about celebrity impersonators, she is in a new feature film called Love Song & Power,

a radio show has contacted her for an interview and to top it off she might have a Trinity gig for a company that is into digital marketing. Well, I think that's what the latter one is all about, it's too soon to know!

PLUS, Ford is writing a seventh Allie book. I can hear you asking, "What is its title?"

Normally I could not tell you, as the title is usually the last thing I come up with. In

this case however the working title is Allie's Red Carpet Adventure, and it ties into the

previous book Allie's Movie Adventure. After all, don't movies eventually end up on The Red Carpet!

I hope all this excites you as much as it has me. I'm still excited and looking forward to all the above with more to follow!

Original image by Israel David Groveman

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Oct 07, 2021

This will help keep me in the loop. I always wanted to say that. Fizz


Oct 07, 2021

Good work as usual, my Dear. lookin forward to better days. Carl

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