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I'm thrilled to say that one of my lookalike characters was chosen as the main character in a recently shot gig. Even though no more details can be revealed yet I'm honored to have been chosen!

The gig went well, and it just wrapped. I hear the "end result" will be released this winter with additional information available in spring 2022.

In other words, don't give up! I was thinking my modeling, lookalike and acting days were coming to a halt, but then in a few short months, even with Covid hanging over our heads, I have been fortunate to do all the above and more. Part of the "more" includes delving into writing my 7th book!

Currently I'm recruiting new characters for this new book. One of them, even though

mentioned in the 6th book Allie's Movie Adventure, is Vic Miller of Victor Miller Designs. As a matter of fact, I recently took part in one of his fashion shows. Becky Brown, known as Miss Becky in Allie's books, invited me to help be part of the Vic Miller team. The experience was amazing!

Here I am at the event behind the scenes with Prana Songbird, Becky Brown and Erik Krefeld... in addition to working on the fashion show we also shot a few scenes for the film Love, Song & Power.... More to follow!

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