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Not unlike others' events, activities, group gatherings and more, some have safely resurfaced after 18 months. One of those patient groups is the United Film & Television Artists, Inc. (U.F.T.A.).

UFTA will meet up Monday, June 14, 2021. More details of the exact time and location can be found on its website -

Part of the group's mission is to provide valuable information, assistance, education and a community interest to artists and other craft personnel associated with the production of film, television, video, voice over, theatre and recording products in the state of Florida.

Mario Maturo, UFTA's Executive Vice President, "We are happy to announce that UFTA will resume in-person meetings on June 14th. The social/networking hour begins at 6PM, and the meeting will begin at 7PM. We will address general club business, upcoming projects, future UFTA films and more. If you would like to perform a monologue for feedback, come prepared. This meeting is open to everyone -invite a guest.

"We will be meeting in a new location within a private gated community at Colonial Country Club Activities Center. Enter from Colonial Blvd via Colonial Country Club Blvd., Ft. Myers, Florida."

UFTA and myself look forward to meeting up with everyone!

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