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It was a nice surprise to see actor and singer Prana for a short time recently. I like to think she visited just to see me, but I'm quite certain it was mostly to see her dear canine friend, Phoebe Anna!

Yes, Prana Songbird visited us, but she was in Florida for a photo shoot as well. Being active in the entertainment world keeps one busy, but I like to think Prana was able to rest for a spell while here, even if for a short time.

Part of that time was spent with Phoebe. Prana: "Phoebe's gotten taller!"

Yes, Phoebe has grown, but I see her every day and don't notice her growth as much as others do. Either way, Phoebe and I enjoyed visiting with Prana, her family and Eddel Martinez. All of us are part of the upcoming film in post-production, "Love Song & Power." The movie is inspired from the book of the same name by Stevie Kinchen.

Of course a 2nd book about the film, recently published by moi, is written from a child's perspective. That book is called "Allie's Movie Adventure." The book basically shares what it's like working behind the scenes on a film set with the likes of Prana, Eddel, Becky Brown, Heather Steht, Rose LaRue, Kristin Mercedes Bence, Bridget Kelly Band, and many more. Looking forward to walking the Red Carpet at film festivals screening "Love song & Power."

Like all of Allie's adventures, this book is seen through the eyes of a child. It's FUN too!

"Listen Like It's GOSPEL" is another of Prana's recent projects. Check it out!

Photo: Deborah Smith Ford

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