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I guess my latest work and wins have paid off. A news reporter from Celebz Treasure: Daily News from the Vine recently interviewed me. The story will be up today, and there is much to share, not only about moi, but about the who, what, where and why of all I've done and do in the world of entertainment. I feel that I'm a small cog on the wheel of showbiz, but in writing, photos and a video they make me look good! LOL

Authoring Allie's Adventures is of course part of the "what," and I'm proud to say it. Another "what" is my being a celebrity/character lookalike and the conventions that I'm a part of, and have been a part of them for years. Actually the conventions' links are at the top of my home page on this website!

Soon my own article will be on Celebz Treasure, but in the meantime feel free to see what they offer on other talent - I have!

Part of what I share in the article is about my life as a celebrity/character impersonator. The photo here represents that in more ways than one - as cruises have been part of my experience as an impersonator.

Greg & Jackie Thompson's convention is amazing as well! Sunburst website

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