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Updated: Sep 11, 2022

The Little Apple was Ford's first published book. Yes, she wrote other stories. All were unpublished until the apple farm. This one, however, is her 2nd which may sound familiar to the first, as it is. In it, Allie finally becomes a real book character with a real first name, and her life on an apple farm becomes even more exciting!

An excerpt from On The Little Apple... Chapter - Critters

Daddy made me a swing a couple of years ago for my birthday. It hangs from a big tree and is located at a corner of our house where there are many windows, and it faces the backyard.

Mommy can watch me easily from inside the house through any of the windows... In our backyard, sometimes a buck, or male deer, can be seen. Daddy has taken a few photos of him. Once I stared at the buck, and he stared right back!

And there you have it!

Enjoy this book and more like it!

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