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Feature film Love Song and Power began shooting late 2019 and probably would have wrapped by now, but (unlike other such projects) it was postponed due to COVID-19. Good news is that the film has restarted shooting, and editing will soon follow.

With social distancing the film has been on various locations. They restarted production in September 2020. The singing and music side of things continues and is about to go into editing - both the music and acting with most of the cast has wrapped, but the editor has just begun.

I'll try to keep you updated, if not always here then on social medias like Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to ask questions and follow along. Photo attached is that of two main talent of Love Song and Power - Prana Songbird and Kevin Mayle.

Note that Allie has begun a new adventure that is happening at the same time as the film. What a coincidence!

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