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Fiction Book with Real Life Explanation

Note on new fiction book Growing Up Behind the Scenes...

not that I have to explain myself, but I want to.

1st, this book represents one of Allie's new adventures,

and as on all her adventures, she records in her journal

with words, photos and drawings (as represented in this book).

2nd, on this particular adventure her journal contains a few

black scrapbook type pages where photos are kept.

3rd, the book was intended to be in COLOR, but due to the

extremely high cost of each book at both the author's and

the customer's end, it had to be printed in black & white, sorry!

Also, in the real world, each black page was printed

smaller than anticipated, so even though the photos

were small to begin with (to get as many faces on each page

as possible), now they are even smaller, some are even a bit

darker as well - but that's "show biz!"

The latest book continues to be edited. Soon the new book,

as a result of intense editing, will allow the black collage pages

to stand out helping to describe the story even better!

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