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 About Deb Smith Ford


I'm Deb, the author of Allie's Adventures.  I was born in Upstate New York and when young I lived on an apple farm called The Smith Farm. Years later I unofficially renamed it The Little Apple due to it being near New York City's The Big Apple.


In my books the main character is Allie, and she tells about her adventures. Her first adventure is about her life on The Little Apple. My other books are about different adventures. In these stories Allie visits Africa, and she experiences what it's like to work in the entertainment biz in TV, movies, theater and more. PLUS, in the back of each book are recipes.


Allie's friends are not always of the human variety. A goat and dog are two of her best friends named Splat and Phoebe. Feel free to see first hand what I'm talking about at this site's Photo Gallery and go to IMDb, Facebook, Google, Wiki or purchase the books!




Deborah "Deb" Smith Ford