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 About Deb Smith Ford


 I'm Deb, the author of Allie's Adventures, and I'm here to share about myself and my stories. I hope you   like what this website has to offer.

 My birthplace is in Upstate New York in the small town of Sodus, although I lived in the neighboring town   of Wolcott on an apple farm. At the time, the farm was called The Smith Farm. Years later I unofficially   renamed it The Little Apple due to it being near New York City's The Big Apple. The books' main character   Allie tells about her adventures, and her first adventure is that of living on an apple farm.

Like Allie, I didn't live on the farm long. My mother and I moved to other areas of New York and eventually we moved south to Florida. During that time and for many years afterward I still helped on family farms and visited my maternal grandmother, aunts and uncles, and multiple cousins. Most of the farms I "worked" on were dairy farms; one grew grain and vegetables. I continue to write about farms and gardens.

 After growing up in Florida I attended colleges, married and had a family. My husband and I have two   grown children. They live in the south and out west. They are educated in forensic science, veterinary   medicine and engineering. We are very proud of them. One daughter's family includes our three   grandchildren, and they live in Las Vegas. Both daughters and families have been a big help in creating   some of Allie's stories.

 In addition to sharing about myself, this website has its own story too. It consists of adventures which   means experiences taken by Allie. Her full name is Allie Jean Anderson. Allie's first name is the   combination of my hubby's name Alton and my nickname Debbie. It was my talent agent, Janna Joos,   who thought of the unique combination of names.


 Allie's middle name is mine. Anderson is the last name of friends and of the movie character Neo in the   Matrix films. In that film is character Trinity, and I portray her when I'm a celebrity lookalike. I portray   many characters, but Trinity seems to be the most popular.

 Yes, I'm in the entertainment business, and two of the six books (so far) on this website reflect some   of my  many experiences on film and TV sets and on the theatrical stage as well. The two books about   being behind the scenes are called "Growing Up Behind the Scenes," and "Allie's Movie Adventure." In   those books you can learn about what it is like to work behind the scenes as seen from the eyes of a child.   "Growing Up Behind the Scenes" is mostly about celebrity lookalikes/tribute artists/impersonators. The   book can be an educational appearance, but from what I've heard, it is FUN!

 "Allie's Movie Adventure" is more than just a book about my/Allie's experiences. It is about others in   the   biz, and two of them are the real life singer and actor Prana Songbird and underwater diver   Captain Carl   "Fizz" Fismer. He's highly popular in magazines, TV shows, convention appearances,   online videos, and   more.

 Apple recipes were introduced in my first book, The Little Apple. They became popular with families   who   chose to make the recipes, so I began adding recipes that pertained to each story in the back of   every   book. Pick your favorite, or maybe you'll like them all!

 The many friends I've made along the way are in these books, all of the books. I, rather Allie, is the   one who takes these adventures. She learns many things on farms, film sets, and in Africa. The   common   factor is that Allie Jean meets new friends along the way - some are human, some are not.

 Even though my books are fiction with fictitious characters, REAL notable people come to life within   the   pages. To learn more about them feel free to Google or go to There is a listing below,   or read   the books to discover more about these talented people!

 In addition to Prana and Captain Fizz are Richie Sambora, Thomas Marolda, Peter Noone of Herman's   Hermits fame, Al Holland from The Platters, Bernhard Kurz a show producer in Germany, Bridget Kelly   and the Bridget Kelly   Band,   and many others.


 To help better understand what has been shared here and in my books look at the variety of photo   images in the Gallery. They speak for themselves. Enjoy!




 Deborah "Deb" Smith Ford