Allie's Adventures is about child Allie Jean Anderson and her family, friends and travels. Each book has a new adventure, and she makes new friends along the way. Locations of her journeys include not only America but also around the world. 
Allie meets many along the way - some are human,
and some are not. Ford's series of books is found at 
these links and at other locations.
Two of Ford's books have similar titles only because the stories in each grew. The first editions are for younger readers, although due to many illustrations the 2nd editions can be enjoyed by little ones as well.
Allie's Adventures Book Series:
The Little Apple
On The Little Apple
The Little Goat in Africa
A Little Goat in Africa
Growing Up Behind the Scenes
Allie's Movie Adventure
… more to follow (find them at Amazon, see below)

x: 9, y: 333 W: 636, H: 604

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The Little Apple
ISBN 978-1-4251-8806-1
Both non-readers & young readers alike can enjoy a life on a farm. One with no livestock - no pigs, cows, horses... only apples!
This story is told as seen through the eyes of a child.
The Little Goat in Africa
ISBN 978-1-4575-3113-2
This chapter book will be a delight to older readers (9-12) as they follow Allie around the world learning about new things and helping others as well!
This book is available as paperback, hard cover and Kindle.
"Allie's Adventures" is also available at other locations.
One can Google, or go online to Barnes & Noble and other locations.
Either way, enjoy Allie on her adventures!
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